Posted by: minami111 | February 1, 2011

Cheerleader Annisa will Cheer You Up!

I Was a Non-Blonde Cheerleader is a book about a girl named Annisa Gobrowski who transfers to a high school in Florida. She used to live in New Jersey with her friends she loves, but is shocked to find that everybody in her new school, Sand Dune High School is blonde. Annisa is the only brunette in the entire school! She has hard times in being the only brunette and the new girl at school, but finds something she wants to do- cheerleading. The way Annisa finds her way to make real friends gives courage and energy to readers.

 I would recommend this book to people who have hard times in making new friends. People at Sand Dune High School are not friendly at all at first, but Annisa finds her way to becoming real friends with them. Annisa is not skillful at making friends and makes a lot of mistakes, but keeps on trying to get along with them. The way Annisa acts to her teammates and classmates is very courageous and makes readers feel strong.

 People who have experienced cheerleading would definitely love this book. Annisa experiences hard times in her stunts and in communicating with her teammates, but gets over them. The author of this book, Kieaan Scott has also experienced cheerleading, and the way people get distressed from not being able to do their best performance, or having a hard time in communicating with their teammates is described clearly. Annisa’s feelings toward cheerleading are sympathetic to anybody who has experienced cheerleading.

Even people who have nothing in common with Annisa would also enjoy this book, because the way she thinks of people around her, and the way she thinks of what she really wants to do, cheerleading, is encouraging. This is the best book to read for anybody who is feeling lonely or depressed.



  1. I’m interested in this book since I was a cheerleader.
    I had difficulties in cheerleading, such as not doing well in competitions or not communicating well with my teammates and maybe that makes me relate closely to the main character, Annisia.
    I think I can understand how Annisia felt while she was doing cheerleading and how cheerleading is not as gorgeous as it looks and sounds.
    I would like to try reading this book and I know i’ll enjoy it!!

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