Posted by: nycheerleader | January 31, 2011

Worst Mistake… or Was It?

Have you ever made a mistake that is so big, your whole life was changed? A mistake huge that your career, your friends, your reliability, your future, your life was changed?

The story, The Undomestic Goddess written by Sophie Kinsella starts from the part when a lady named Samantha Sweeting loses her job, reliability, confidence and her dream. After losing everything, she ends up becoming a housekeeper. This all happened by her making a single and simple, but a huge mistake.

The book is very funny and you just cannot take your eyes off the pages! It is funny and amazing how Samantha deals with all the housework she has never done before. All the characters that appear in the book are interesting, and everybody Samantha meets in the suburb are very kind and has great deals of personalities.

The whole entire life Samantha has been dreaming of since she was child and was very close to achieve was ruined by one simple but a big mistake. However, was it really a mistake of her life? The book is so interesting and unstoppable. Anybody who reads it is sure to enjoy it!!



  1. I didn’t know Sophie Kinsella has written other books than the Shopaholic series, so I am really interested in this book!
    I’ve experienced my life being ruined by one simple but a big mistake that I made, too, so it might be fun to compare myself and the main character of this book, Samantha.

    Even though I have read only read a few books from the Shopaholic series, I think her books are very humourous, but at the same time, very touching.
    Her books makes me feel optimistic when I am upset, so if I have time, I would like to read this book. 🙂

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