Posted by: ryo8041 | January 31, 2011

Where There is Nothing

  I’ve read many touching books out there, but this one stands out above the rest.  The Road.  This story takes place in a post-apocalyptic United States.  A man and his son head for the coast, their only last-ditch chance of survival.  Cormac McCarthy paints the mood so well.  The only light of hope in this burned down world, and he illustrates this hope as if that is the only thing left that matters.  All they have is a gun with a single shot left, a cart of scavenged goods, and each other.  How touching.  The bond of the father and son is extraordinary.  The boy is the only thing the man has that makes him want to live; if the boy dies, the man would not have a reason to live.  In other words, the boy is the man’s heart.  He keeps the man alive.  In my opinion, this kind of relationship can only be created in times like this, when your back is glued to the wall, with nowhere to run.  The events that happen to the duo make you actually care about the characters, a feeling you don’t find in most books.  Are they going to be okay?  Are they going to die?  This book is super-duper amazingly awesome and I recommend it to anybody looking for a good book to read.



  1. This book sounds very nice. It is heart-warming how he cares for his son a lot and his son is the reason he can stay living. In your review it said that he only has a gun with only one shot left. I am very curious what he used that last bullet for, or if he didn`t use the last shot. If I was in this situation I think I would not shoot the last bullet, because it might make the son afraid. I am also wondering why they are on this survival adventure. Overall I thought this book review is nice, and made me think that I want to read this book.

  2. I read your post and found the book, “The Road” highly interesting. I happen to have seen this trailer somewhere and the story seemed so heart-warming. Personally, father-and-son relationship make a true bond and somewhat a different relationship compared to mother-and-daughter relationship. I was pleasantly surprised to find out that the movie actually came from the book. If you have seen the movie, which do you prefer; the movie of the book? Also, which do you think I should get my hands on first? Normally, I hate watching movies that came from a really really good book. It usually ends in a let-down, and leaves me feeling disappointed that it ruined my own impression of the characters. But sometimes, movies about heart-warming endings tend to bring tears to my eyes so easily, with all the music and the fact that it tells us the story visually. I am hoping to read this book as soon as possible. 🙂 Thank you for recommending it!

  3. I got to this entry from the Life tag. After reading your entry on “The Road”, I am interested in how the book came to an end. I am wondering why the story is about a boy and his father, and not the family. To find out where the mother went is one of my reasons for reading this book. I am curious to know what you mean by “The events that happen … make you actually care about the characters” because I have never got into a book so far. To find the “feeling you don’t find in most books”, I would like to give this survival fiction a try.

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