Posted by: 1090thousanddreams | January 31, 2011

True Friendship in War

There are many things that should not be forgotten in this world. Louis Lowry tells us how horrible and unforgettable World War II was through her moving account of the Jews, Number the Stars.

The story takes place in 1943 Copenhagen, Denmark, three years after German soldiers arrived to occupy the country. The Nazi said that they will relocate all the Jews in Denmark and will take them to concentration camp.

This story should be read by many people, especially who are tired of reading fantasy, or just have interest in history. Another reason is that the author tells the readers the historical context of the war, and how vile the Nazis were. The last reason why many people should read this is because Annemarie, the protagonist, shows great courage and friendship protecting her best Jewish friend Ellen from the Nazis throughout the story. Almost all the readers will be moved by Annemarie’s actions and her feelings towards her best friend. Even though it sounds like a depressing story, I definitely recommend this book to anyone who can read English.



  1. Thank you for introducing this book .
    I was looking forward to reading this kind of book for a long time.
    I really like the author, Lois Lowry, and I was looking for historical fiction books. I am also thinking that it is important to learn about these war stories and I’m interested in learning them, so I think this book will be a perfect book for me to read.

    I haven’t learned about these historical war events, and I am very excited to find out what happened to Annemarie, and the history of the Nazis.

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