Posted by: nshirakawa | January 31, 2011

The Dog’s Eye

           Have you recently read a book that moved your heart greatly? Did you ever read a book that made you stay up all night? If not, I will introduce Timbuktu by Paul Auster.


           This story starts out with the death of Willy, a homeless writer who travels around the U.S. with his intelligent dog, Mr. Bones. When Willy dies and Mr. Bones is on his own, he goes through many rejections and disappointment. For once, he finds happiness but the author wraps up the story with a very moving ending.

           This story is all written from Mr. Bones’ point of view. He cannot speak human words, but can think about metaphysical issues such as afterlife. I was amazed by the author’s smooth line which appears in the mid beginning of the book, right before the death of Willy. This was the first book I met that was able to explain the expression of loneliness. This book is definitely recommended for not only dog lovers, but anybody who wants to know the true friendship.



  1. I looooove dogs!!! I would definitely like to take a whack at this book

  2. I had always wanted to know about the dog’s point of view of the society. I am pretty sure that everybody have some interest of seeing the worild from other living oraganism’s point of view.
    Also I might be able to know the metaphysical issues for the future. At last, most of the people loves dogs.

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