Posted by: akatomoju | January 31, 2011

Spine Chiller

Is your life thrilling enough for you? If it isn’t then this book will give you the thrill of a life-time.

Every book that Harlan Coben writes is a fabulous spine-chiller. His twisted and complex conflicts are sure to grasp a heart of anyone needing thrill. But this book, this one book that I just finished reading, was amazingly creepy but at the same time it was awfully interesting.

Caught starts out with a man named Dan opening a red door, being entrapped, accused of being a pedophile. At the same time, there’s the disappearance of a child. This happens in a mere eleven pages. Harlan Coben always snatches the reader’s heart from the beginning but this book, comparing with every other books that I’ve read written by him, was the fastest of them all. And what amazed me was that he wouldn’t let the heart go till literally the very end. It might seem like the two stories aren’t connected at all, an entrapped pedophile (meaning he’s not a real pedophile) and a child disappearance. But Harlan Coben does it all. The “journalist” got herself in a mystery more deep and complicated then she has expected…maybe wanted. The shiver that this book brings is astonishing and it is sure to catch every ones eyes, mind, and of course, hearts.

If you want excitement in your life then this book is definitely for you… BUT once you step in you can’t get out. Do you want to open the red door?



  1. I’d like to open the red door!! I don’t usually go for suspence, but this might be interesting(‘-‘*

  2. Thanks for the comment 🙂
    Everyone should really try Harlan Coben books!
    They’re all fascinating. I don’t even know how he grabs your heart just like that lol
    Really. Open the red door. Go for it.

  3. Hey, I`d like to open the red door too! It sounds very interesting, and I can see that you got really inspired by Harlan Coben because your book reveiw totally snatched my heart!
    I usually don`t read thrillers but I`d love to read this one!

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