Posted by: mizukik | January 31, 2011

Remembering Forever

     Have you ever had a crush on someone?  Or felt love for someone?  Whether if you have or haven’t, The Notebook, by Nicholas Sparks, will not only teach you what it means to be in love, but also makes you feel like you are experiencing true love that will be remembered forever.

     The first thing this book will teach you is that time doesn’t matter for true love.  Even though the setting of the story is in 1940s, you will be able to relate to this novel very easily.  In North California, Noah Calhoun lives in a house that was built in 1772, with just one dog.  At this point he is 31 years old, and hasn’t got married because he cannot forget about a girl who he used to love so much.  It has been 14 years since he last saw her, and every day of his life he thinks about her.  The girl, Allie Nelson, is 29 years old and she too cannot forget about the spectacular summer that she had spent with Noah.  She wishes to see Noah again, but the problem is she is going to have a wedding in a few weeks with a wealthy man.  One day she saw a newspaper article about Noah and quickly decides to visit his house before she gets married.  This is where the love between them starts again.

     In the second part of the scene, the setting is about 50 years later.  In this scene, you will find out that the first scene of the novel is a notebook for Allie that Noah had written.  The second scene teaches you that true love cannot be broken even the worst thing you could imagine happens.  Noah reads a story from his notebook to Allie every day at a nursing home to Allie, whom has lost all of her memories.  It’s very upsetting to see Allie forget about love she used to have with Noah.  The author well illustrates the struggles that Noah goes through to fill Allie with love.  However, at end of the novel Allie shows that love is an only medicine on earth that could create a miracle to happen.

     The effect that this novel brings to every heart of the reader is enormous.  By reading this book, you will be able to appreciate every love you get from people in your life.



  1. I finished reading a book written by Nicholas Sparks recently, and I really liked it, so I searched for his name in this blog to see if there are any entries for his books. Then I found this entry, and I thought I should read this book too!
    I like how Nicholas Sparks writes the stories in a style that is both realistic and dreamy. When you’re reading it, you feel as if you are experiencing the story, and you get excited, feel painful and blessed. After you finished reading it, you can believe true love, so all of his writings are heartwarming. And by reading this blog entry, I understood that this book is also about true love, so I want to read this whenever I have time.

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