Posted by: hiroki3 | January 31, 2011

Mysterious Tattoo

               Do you love to read science, fiction, or mystery genre literature? Well this book, Illustrated Man, is just the thing you would want. The book I’m going to introduce is a combination of science fiction and mystery, written by the Master of Science Fiction, Ray Bradbury.

              The story is first told from the perspective of a man, which his name is not told. Another man comes into his house asking if he can stay for a night. When the second man was sleeping, the first man saw how the second man’s back was full of tattoo, and that the tattoos were moving!null

             The tattooed man told him that a witch had carved the tattoos on him, and that each tattoo moves while he is asleep. Each one of them has its own stories, and the main character, the man with no name, watches every one of them and tells the story throughout the book. Every tattoo, or story, takes place in the future.

              This book is not just a science fiction book, but is very philosophical. It makes you think about the dark part in every human’s heart, and usually has a depressing ending. For example, one story begins from astronauts that are walking on Saturn searching for a safe place to avoid the never-ending rain. They had one hope, that they would be able to get there if they keep on walking, but the hope was lost during the story, and at the end few committed suicide, and other few had gone mad by the continuous rain.

              If you are one of the people who are tired of happy endings, this book will satisfy you greatly. This book was a required subject for a high school where I used to live, so it is just the right difficulty for you. Please give it a try!



  1. Thank you for introducing this book because I am tired of happy endings.

  2. This book seems very interesting to me because I like the setting about the story-telling-tattoos, and the story is philosophical. Assuming from your summaries, the stories told by the tattoos are very ironic, and it could represent the modern society. So I would like to try reading the “The Illusterated Man”.

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