Posted by: muramatu4 | January 31, 2011

Impossible is Nothing


           How’s life? Do you feel like your life is on a downward slope? Sometimes in life, there is an obstacle that seems impossible to overcome. Well, guess what. It’s possible.

           Drew Brees is the quarterback of the New Orleans Saints and also the MVP of Super bowl XLIV. He is a great role model for teenagers whether you play a sport or not. But before he rises to the top of the NFL and becomes one of the famous quarterbacks today, he had faced a potentially career-ending shoulder injury. A quarterback cannot be a quarterback without his shoulder. But with faith, determination, and heart, he over came his greatest challenge. Not only did he come back, he came back STRONGER. Thus the title, Coming Back Stronger.

           Just by reading this book, it gives you the will to stand up and fight. The devastation of Hurricane Katrina is a very famous story. It left 80 percent of the city of New Orleans under water and almost two-thirds of the population homeless. Of course people wondered, will the city come back? Also will the Saints come back? Well Four Years later, not only have Drew Brees come back, the city of New Orleans and the Saints came back as well. And they all came back stronger than anyone imagined. If you want motivation, this is the book for you.

           So, do you want to just sit there and do nothing, or read this book and start living your life to the fullest?



  1. I was very moved by your blog.
    I know Drew Brees just as a football player, but I didn`t know his past.
    I thought I needed to read this too. This book just came into the C.C., so I`ll read that as soon as I can! I was wondering what the title of this book meant, but I got it now. I am kind of stessed out of my high school life, and I`m getting bad at playing a sport in my club. I might get encouraged by reading this book.

  2. Just a few weeks ago I was playing two sports and since I have finished my last tournament in high school rugby, I can now concentrate on Ice Hockey which is the sport I have been playing since I was 5. Even though I have lots of aims and goals I want to reach in Ice Hockey, I am the kind of person who ends by just saying what I want to succeed in. So when I read this book review, I thought this was the book for me and maybe a book that will change me as a person, so that I can reach the goals that I have set. So my decision is to read this book and I hope I will be able to put down another comment on this page saying that I loved the book.

  3. This book definitely seems interesting. I like how you described the book with the phrase “Nothing is Impossible”. This book seems very interesting as it is not just about a success story, but coming back stronger and helping the city of New Orleans and those who suffered greatly from Katrina, to get back hope.
    I personally am a fan of the team and personally watched the Saints ending Superbowl XLIV with an interception touchdown by Tracy Porter and winning their first Superbowl. I hoped to read this book soon and your blog entry about it has made me want to read it even more.

  4. Hello. I had read your book review and noticed few things. First this book might help me because I`m acutally in a slump right now and having a hard time getting out of it. This might be the right book for me to read right now. This might help me get out of my slump. The second thing is that the NFL quarterback Drew Bress is a strong man. He injured his shoulder and when he came back, he came back stronger. I actually thought that was impossible and I had never heard of that, either.
    This is a very interesting book. I would like to read it.

  5. I want to read this so much because I am in a slump playing sports now at school. This book gave me some motivation to fight my problem. After I read this book review, I felt I can overcome this hard time. If I have time in the future I want to read this book and tell somebody else about this book.
    I am curious to read this book now.(・ω・)

  6. I also like books that gives you hope and makes you feel stronger. We all know what had happened in New Orleans, and his injury would be very serious and I would like to know how he and the city overcame their obstacles and came back stronger.

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