Posted by: katope22 | January 31, 2011

Importance of Life


Feeling depressed? Feel like you are not wanted in this world?

 Then I recommend reading a story that teaches a lesson about our everyday lives and makes us re-think about what we are doing. The Great Blue Yonder takes place in the world after people pass away and on Earth where people are living. Reading a book that is from a child’s point of view will be easier for kids to read, so the books Alex Shearer writes will make them feel sympathy. He writes books for children and The Great Blue Yonder is written by a boy point of view named Harry. This book is a great book for kids to read because it will teach the readers the importance of their family and friends. People will realize how much their family and friends mean to them after they pass away, so being thankful to them everyday will not make them regret afterwards.

              Harry learned he regretted having fights with his friends after he passed away because now he cannot go back to the real world and cannot change the way things are.  Since he cannot say sorry, he feels very bad. Arthur, a boy who has passed away like Harry helps him say his last goodbyes and takes him to the real world. Then he was shown the real world and felt bad for everything he was doing.

              Alex Shearer wrote a message to kids telling them to live everyday with the fullest and keep your friends and family by your side. The book tells readers that people who are living do not know when they are going to pass away. Living every minute of our lives seriously will lead them to an enjoyable life.

              Whenever you are feeling like you’re not wanted, reading this book makes you re-think of what a stupid feeling you had. It makes us get energy and the strength to live on forward. People will learn they need to move on. There will always be a bright future ahead.

              Reading The Great Blue Yonder will help us become a positive person.




  1. Amazing pictures. I’ve read this book before; it touched my heart.

  2. It looks very interesting.
    I’m going to have to try to read it.

  3. I like how you write! ❤

  4. I read this book too!!
    I almost cried when I read the part where the boy regrets everything he did to his friends and his sister.
    It is not a dark book, it’s actually bright, and reading it made me feel that I need to live so that I will have no regrets later on.

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