Posted by: asqruru414 | January 31, 2011

Get rid of stressful life!

If you are tired of living in a busy life, read The Undomestic Goddess!

It is written by Sophie Kinsella who is the author of Shopaholic series. If you like her books, or if you haven’t read any yet, this is a good chance to know more about her. This book is quite different compared to her other works. The heroine’s characteristic is the opposite of the heroines from the other books written by her such as Becky from the Shopaholic series. Samantha from The Undomestic Goddess is having a perfect life except that she is tired of her everyday life. She makes a big mistake at her work and her life turns upside down. She runs away from London and gets on a train which she doesn’t even know where it’s going. One family at a town offers her to be working as a housekeeper and her challenge begins.

Being friends with the people at the town is attractive. The people there live slowly compared to the people who appear at the begging of the books who live in London. This made me think about what is the best way to enjoy our lives. Some people satisfy working hard everyday life, but for some people that turns to a stress. It is a chance to know which type you are and it might be a good chance for you to rethink what really is to live. Even though this book has many things to teach you, I think this book can be categorized as comedy. There are many sentences which make you laugh!


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