Posted by: andoriathemichelin | January 31, 2011

Dramatic Encounter

If you like comedy and mystery, this is a good book to read!

Twenties Girl by Sophie Kinsella pictures many dramas. These dramas are the most attractive part of the story! Lara, who’s having a miserable life by facing several problems, meets a ghost of her grandmother from younger time. First, they don’t accept each other, and have some troubles, but later on they are going to share tears and laughter together. It is very attractive how they change their feelings and thoughts by a little necklace and pictures beautiful dramas that make us always emotional.

Usually Sophie Kinsella writes about very comical real life stories, such as the Shopaholic series, which is about a woman’s life addicted to shopping. Twenties Girl is also written about a life of a woman, but this time it’s versioned up! It’s also includes mystery, which makes the book stick on your hand. Further more, the characters in this story are very attractive. The characters in this story make the readers laugh non-stop, and the other hand, they make readers with tears. Sadie, a bright, strong and sometimes tricky ghost, and Lara, negative, blunder and firm woman pair makes the readers get into the world of the story easily.

Twenties Girl develops romance, and friendship, so I really recommend this book to people who are greedy that they want to enjoy many beautiful dramas in one story!!


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