Posted by: masako1230 | January 31, 2011

Dogs Really Teach You Things

           A few years ago, I read a book that had a big impact on me. The book, called Because of Winn-Dixie won the Newberry Award that year, and I read it as an assignment for school. The book is less than 200 pages and the words are big, but it is a very deep story and I feel everyone should read it. Because of Winn-Dixie is a very memorial book for me. In fourth grade I was a librarian and we all had to read this book and enter a contest. I made up a dance with a friend and luckily, won the contest. I got to meet the author, Kate DiCamillo and get her autograph, and it was a brilliant experience. This book not only gave me a very nice experience, but also taught me a lesson that actually helps me in my life.

              Opal, who just moved to Naomi, Florida with her father meets a dog named Winn-Dixie. She just moved, so she doesn’t have any friends. But as she goes around the town with Winn-Dixie, she gets to know people better, and starts to make friends. She also begins to get over the problem with her mother, who left Opal and her father when she was three years old.

              One of the most attracting parts of this book is the characters. There is a variety of characters, from an old librarian to twin brothers. Each of them have a unique personality, and they all carry a problem they can`t tell anyone. I’m sure everyone will be able to find one that they can sympathize with. But with Winn-Dixie, Opal gets to really know each of them, and helps them overcome their problems. Seeing each of the conflict getting solved, it makes the reader feel that anything can get solved if they have the help of somebody.

              The lesson that this book taught me is to treasure those who are around us. We all help out each other, and if there is nobody around us, we wouldn’t be able to do anything. Opal and her friends valued each other and worked together to help out one another. So we all should be thankful of everyone around us, because every one of them is important to us in a way. By reading this book, I feel I have developed as a person, and I am sure you will also do the same and find something important to your life, when you read this book.



  1. I have read the book “Because of Winn-Dixie” before and I thought the same thing as you did after I finished the book. I also thought the big theme was that problems could be solved with a help of a friend or someone around you. Since I read this book when I was in elementry school I didn’t think that that pet could help a human.
    From reading your post I remembered how great this book was and how this book had that big of a mesage. It made me want to read it once more.
    Have you seen the movie? I think the book was better but I still recommend the movie.

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