Posted by: kokiya3 | January 31, 2011


The book The House of the Scorpion written by Nancy Farmer is a very unique book. It is a book that goes through a life of a clone. This book is about a clone named Matteo. The novel is set on the Mexico-US border, appears to take place in a world similar to our own. El Patrón, lord of a country called Opium, which is a strip of poppy fields lying between the U.S. and what was once called Mexico, and Matt is a guarantee of eternal life. El Patrón loves Matt as he loves himself for Matt is himself. They share identical DNA. It is a book about cloning, betrayal, friendship and how it tells the importance of friends. There are some cruel parts in the book but there are some nice bits as well. Tam Lin the body guard of Matt teaches him how to survive escape and gave him maps so he could run away when the time came. It has withstood all other challengers to keep its title as my all-time favorite. It is a great book. It is a book that you will remember long after you’ve read it. Many mysterious events happen which gives Matt the glimpse of his destiny and what is to become of him. The book follows him through his childhood, as he begins to become aware of exactly how he came to exist and why.

In conclusion it is a book that is recommended for everyone and is very easy to read. In my opinion I liked the beginning the most because it starts out with nothing special and no clue of his dark future. For these reasons I rate this book 5 out of 5.



  1. Wow, I’ve never seen a book with 3 medals on it!!!
    It must be a good book.
    The story line sounds interesting, too.

  2. This book sounds very interesting. I think cloning is interesting because you can copy yourself which is impossible now but it may be possible in the future. I wonder why the title of the book has the word “scorpion” in it. Is it because the story takes place in Mexico?
    I think I would like to read this book because I want to now how the character Matt becomes aware of why he was cloned and how he realized it. This sounds like a great book because you rated it 5 out of 5 and the book has 3 medals.

  3. By looking at the cover of the book, I can tell that this book must be great. You don’t see many books with three awards on them! I’m interested in the storyline of the book because I studied a bit about cloning so I know a little about it. The way you wrote this entiry made me want to read this book now, your not spoiling anything but making the reader of interested and wanting to know more about what kinds of events occur and so on.

  4. Three medals for one novel! It really must be a good book.
    I wonder what the poppy fields have to do with the story. I might as well try reading it because from reading your review, the book sounds quite interesting, and I never read or heard a book about clones.

    As the book is based on cloning, how did your thoughts change about cloning after reading “The House of the Scorpion”? Do you think that cloning will be possible and approved in the future? Personally, I am against cloning, because life is meant to end someday, and that is how the cycle should go. Also, I think that having eternal life will become tiresome someday, although there will be many things I might be able to do if I have an eternal life. How would you spend your life if it was to become eternal?

    Finally, do you reccommend other books by Nancy Farmer?

  5. My friend recommended this book to me too, and he also said it was a good book. I like books about friendship because they make me remember of the importance of friends. Technology is getting better, and cloning will probably become a problem. I think this book will be a fun adventure/fantasy book.
    I also hate books that are hard to read, so I think I might read this book.

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