Posted by: masatoyamada26 | January 31, 2011

A Year to Live

    How would you feel when you are told that you only have a year to live? That is what Ben Wolf, the main character, had to face. If you are interested in how he lived his last year of his life, The Deadline can be interesting for you.

     I first like to introduce the writing style of the book. It is written in a very casual form which the author, Chris Crutcher, often uses. Another interesting feature that the author uses is swear words. Some people criticize that by using swear words, it would lower the quality of the book. However, by using swear words, it illustrates the character’s feeling better and also makes it realistic.

     To make the book more interesting to read, you must notice the interesting characteristics Ben Wolf has. After he was told he has only a year to live, he tries to make a mark it the best year of his life. To achieve this he came up with the conclusion that he would join the football team to become popular in school.

     If you are urging to know how Ben lived his last year, I will highly recommend you to read this book, and if you are looking for the unique style of writing this book is also recommended.



  1. Touching.

  2. Sounds quite touching.

  3. What a sad but happy story.

  4. I read this book as well, and I loved it. The guy was going through a high school life drastically different from everyone else and was sick. He cared for the people around him and I found that very touching.

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