Posted by: smileygirl1106 | January 31, 2011

“Touching Books” Can Change Your Life

  Have you ever thought how lucky you are to be who you are? It is said that the probability is only 1 out of 7 trillion that you are born to your parents. It is a miracle that you’ve chosen your father and your mother as your parents, and to come to life as yourself. When you are happy, you want to share your happiness with your parents. When you are sad, your parents will cheer you up. When you have trouble with your friends, your parents will give you an advice. To live with your parents and having them by your side when you need help is just a normal thing for us. But have you ever thought about children who are getting abused by their own parents? Or have you ever thought about people who have trouble showing their true feelings? It’s hard to believe, but these people do exist in life.

  Twilight Children by Torey Hayden is a true story about people who had or is having trouble of being who they are. Torey Hayden, the former special education teacher also the author of this book, had one-on-one conversation with these people. This book includes three of Torey Hayden’s most unforgettable challenges.

  One of the three challenges Hayden had was Cassandra’s case. Her father kidnapped her when she was only five years old. And she was found four years later with dark, hopeless eyes. All these time with her father, she didn’t have enough food, education, and love from him. Even after she got returned from this tragedy, it was not easy to fill in the empty space in her heart. Hayden tried many ways to help her out from her past experiences, but nothing went smoothly with Cassandra. But Hayden never gave up; she tried to understand Cassandra’s real feelings hidden inside of her. Hayden is not a therapist, who does it because it’s their job; she tries to understand these children from the bottom of her heart. This makes these children to not hide their true feelings in front of Hayden, and eventually they will get used to show people who they are. Torey Hayden is special. “The world needs more like Torey Hayden.”

  From reading this book, you will learn that these abused children and people who have mental problems do exist in life. We have to start thinking how we can help them like Torey Hayden. Nothing will improve if we don’t try to get to know them. I think people should read this book, because it can really change many people’s life, including themselves, for better.



  1. I really like the title! Sounds interesting!

  2. Non-fiction was not a genre I liked to read, but I became really fascinated by this book from your introduction.
    I think I grew up in a normal family, nothing so special, but you made me recall the happy memories I had with my family when I was little. I haven’t experienced anything as scary as what you wrote about Cassandra, but my heart hurt when I read about the trouble she had. However, I thought that I have to know about it. Knowing about others will make my life and thoughts deeper, and reading is one of the easiest way to know about others’ lives. Even if it’s hard to understand, I thought I should do my best to understand.
    I think it will be hard to read this book, but I thought I would like to read it.

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